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Friday, May 26, 2006

x men 3

truthfully, the best way to see a movie like x men 3 is to go see it the minute it comes out (this way you get to see the movie will all the crazies-the hardcore fans who dress up and get yelled at during the screening). Luckily, our 12:01 AM showing was filled with them! Wolverine sat a couple of rows in front of us and cyclops sat a few rows in back. I love these people, as we waited in our seats, the guy dressed up as wolverine made a few declarations on behalf of the mutant community that were hilarious. As the movie began, he addressed the crowd, stating "this is it, the last stand between humans and mutants". many cheered, some booed, all eagerly awaited the intro. the movie rocked, patrick stewart and ian mckellan were amazing, as was the storyline. i remember reading the phoenix saga when i was a kid, this definitely brought it back to life for me. all of the cheesy jokes and one liners that Marvel movies are filled with were there, including my favorite "oh my stars and garters". wow, how did that get written in. famke jansen is so hot but she's like 18 feet tall. definitely a fun summer blockbuster.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lost Season Finale

what a night, what a night...while most of you were watching the season finale of the best show on television, Lost, i was playing poker. Fortunately I was able to tape the episode so that I could watch it later...unfortunately, the tape cut off before the episode ended (true story)!!! So as the clock struck 3:50 am, i was eager to find out what happened to my characters!!! I searched and itunes in hopes that they would post the episode after it had aired, but alas they didn't! I scoured message boards, looking for any type of a download but i found none. I knew there was only one thing that i could do, wake up really early and watch the last two minutes of the show. So as 4 AM rolled around i tried to fall asleep, it was tough, but i did it. i woke up exactly at 9 and watched the last two minutes...i really wanted all of the questions to be answered, and only a few of them were, so i was a little disapointed. but i was also proud of myself that i was able to fall asleep with all those things in my head...i mean what happened to locke and Ecko, and where were sayid, Jin and Sun? Looks like ill have to wait a few months with the rest of the lost junkees to find out what happens. damn.

Monday, May 22, 2006

in the beginning...

well it's finally here. after countless nights of boredom in bed, i've decided that i need a place to express my late night ramblings. this will be that place, and you are the first to visit to my world and thank you for visiting.

i'd like to begin with a review of Poseidon, one of the worst movies i've seen in a longgg time:

Poseidon (Kurt russel, richard dreyfuss, Josh Lucas)

I like action movies and I like action movies that take place on cruise ships, however I don't like Josh Lucas movies and I dont like Josh Lucas movies that take place on cruise ships. I have a theory that most of Josh Lucas's roles were written for Mathew Mconaughy (Dazed and Confused), once they were turned down by him they were then passed on to Bo Laramie (paparazzi,The Break Up) who also turned them down, finally these roles were handed to Josh Lucas. For those of you unlucky enough to see Glory Road, you now have your second chance to see Josh Lucas reprise his role as a cocky, self rightous Southerner. Poseidon, a remake of the 1972 classic "The Poseidon Adventure" fails to stimulate audiences at any point, and is laughable throughout most of its 99 minute overstay. Poseidon, a mega cruise ship sailing through the calm sea on New years eve meets an unexpected force of nature. The passengers, regailing in their lavish surroundings, are celebrating the new year when out of nowhere a rogue tidal wave capsizes the ship. I dont know what a rogue tidal wave is, I dont even know if it's a real thing, but apparantly the crew members take it very seriously. So does Richard Dreyfuss. Once the ship is turned on its bottom, a few passengers (led by Kurt Russel and Josh Lucas) attempt to navigate their way through fire, water, and lots of overacting. Warner Bros. supposedly spent over $140 million dollars on this movie which has brought in 1/6 of that in almost three weeks. ouch. i would like to end this review with three words: Josh Lucas sucks.

In other news, Tim Duncan, all-star center for the San Antonio Spurs, really reminds me of a sleepy bear. Does anyone else see the resemblance?