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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Night at the museum

i first heard of a night at the museum last summer, when i read a report about the new ben stiller comedy thats budget had skyrocketed to a whopping $150 million dollars. i assumed that it would have a cast of vince vaughns and will ferrells for that kinda cash, but alas, i was wrong. there were no will ferrells and vince vaughn is certainly not in this. however, a hilarious ricky gervais and a charming owen wilson do appear as sidekicks to ben stillers physical comedy (as well as dick van dyke, paul rudd and robin williams). this was very entertaining but it also had that holiday feel to it that only a chris columbus movie can have, where it sorta feels like he's teaching you a lesson. i have no idea what this lesson is, but the movie was pretty funny


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