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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

smell gibsons apocalypto

who doesnt love an epic mayan blockbuster? good question. i was surprisingly impressed by mels latest effort-a story of one civilization coming to an end, and another one beginning. this seemed to be the theme of the movie (which even comes with its own planet of the apes style ending), and it was not forgotten in it's 138 minute glory. the subtitles werent a bother at all, it was as if i'd been studying mayan all my life. good stuff. for some reason, i really did enjoy this one. there are more then a few scenes that are pretty hard to deal with (i.e. heads rolling down stairs, babies being dropped, mel gibson half naked with powder all over his body). although it seems like a historical memoir of the 15th century, it's actually an action movie with native american actors. you got us again mel, good trick, good trick.


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