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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

harsh times

i've seen a lot of movies about GI's struggling to readapt with their post war lives. This is the most current portrayal that I've seen possibly because Christian Bales character was in Afghanistan and not 1984 Russia or a 1991 Iraq. Dealing less with war and more with the effects of it, Christian Bale, basically cruises around LA, looking for government jobs and getting wasted "Training Day" style. When he finds out that the LAPD doesnt want him he buys an ounce of weed and smokes it, soonafter he recieves a call from the homeland security department asking him for a drug test the following day. The film deals with his slow decline, and Eva Longorias relationship with his best friend. i really dont like eva longoria, i dont believe anything she says or does. i enjoyed this movie but at certain points its very tough to watch.


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