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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Factotum follows Charles Bukowski's character/alter ego hank Chinaski, an intelligent and dry writer who struggles to make it in a timeless LA (It's unclear whether this film takes place in the 70's or in the new millenium). Chinaski drinks his life away while simultaneously working every job known to man (pickle factory, bike shop, ice company, etc.), along the way he meets two ladies who serve as the stories antagonists (Lili taylor and Marissa Tomei). Matt Dillon does a better then average job (for matt dillon standards) as he narrates this slow picture. Let's take a look at some of my favorite matt dillon movies. wild things (nominated for best actor), you me and dupree (best supporting actor), Herbie fully loaded (won best actor). It's clear why matt dillon is one of my least favorite actors (he's up there with josh lucas), however this is one of his good performances... but i wouldnt recomend this movie. i found it a little to slow to enjoy.


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