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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The King

most of the overhyped summer movies have dissapointed me this summer, so on an off day in denver, co, scott and i decided to see The King. I'd heard good things about it and two of my favorite actors are in it (William Hurt and Gael García Bernal) so surely i'd be able to appreciate it. I was wrong, i didn't like it, i loved it. So far this is the best movie i've seen all summer. i've been thinking about it since the moment we left the theater. The King is James Marsh's script about a troubled man (Gael García Bernal), recently discharged from the Navy, who goes to Corpus Christi, Texas, in search of the father he's never met (William hurt). When he tells his father who he is, he becomes an outsider in the community and soon finds himself manipulating his way back into his fathers life. Hurt plays pastor david sandow with an actors pallette, making him an easily relatable and memorable character. The supporting cast of newcomers (Pell James and Laura Harring) are also great as the pastors kids who serve as the golden calves in this story. if all of your friends are telling you to go to superman or pirates or a scanner darkly maybe you should go with them. if you're ready for a movie that will haunt your memories and stay in your thoughts for at least a few weeks, check out the king.


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