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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lost Season Finale

what a night, what a night...while most of you were watching the season finale of the best show on television, Lost, i was playing poker. Fortunately I was able to tape the episode so that I could watch it later...unfortunately, the tape cut off before the episode ended (true story)!!! So as the clock struck 3:50 am, i was eager to find out what happened to my characters!!! I searched and itunes in hopes that they would post the episode after it had aired, but alas they didn't! I scoured message boards, looking for any type of a download but i found none. I knew there was only one thing that i could do, wake up really early and watch the last two minutes of the show. So as 4 AM rolled around i tried to fall asleep, it was tough, but i did it. i woke up exactly at 9 and watched the last two minutes...i really wanted all of the questions to be answered, and only a few of them were, so i was a little disapointed. but i was also proud of myself that i was able to fall asleep with all those things in my head...i mean what happened to locke and Ecko, and where were sayid, Jin and Sun? Looks like ill have to wait a few months with the rest of the lost junkees to find out what happens. damn.


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