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Friday, May 26, 2006

x men 3

truthfully, the best way to see a movie like x men 3 is to go see it the minute it comes out (this way you get to see the movie will all the crazies-the hardcore fans who dress up and get yelled at during the screening). Luckily, our 12:01 AM showing was filled with them! Wolverine sat a couple of rows in front of us and cyclops sat a few rows in back. I love these people, as we waited in our seats, the guy dressed up as wolverine made a few declarations on behalf of the mutant community that were hilarious. As the movie began, he addressed the crowd, stating "this is it, the last stand between humans and mutants". many cheered, some booed, all eagerly awaited the intro. the movie rocked, patrick stewart and ian mckellan were amazing, as was the storyline. i remember reading the phoenix saga when i was a kid, this definitely brought it back to life for me. all of the cheesy jokes and one liners that Marvel movies are filled with were there, including my favorite "oh my stars and garters". wow, how did that get written in. famke jansen is so hot but she's like 18 feet tall. definitely a fun summer blockbuster.


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