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Monday, July 03, 2006

brandon routh=christopher reeves

in the past month or two ive seen many a decent movie that i really enjoyed strictly because of the effects. Superman Returns was one of those movies. I've heard a lot recently about how Brandon Routh was not a 'good' superman and how they didnt give him a lot of lines because he was not a proven actor. i for one do not believe this. go back and watch the original superman movies and you'll notice that christopher reeves also does not have a lot of lines. I think what it is that Clark Kents character says a lot with a few words, as does Superman. My one complaint with Brandon Rouths depiction was that his depiction of Clark Kent was a little dumpy, in the sense that he made him more of an oaf then he should have been. But I'm not sure if that was Bryan Singers vision or Brandon Rouths. Kevin Spacey was an excellent Lex Luthor, not as great as Gene Hackman but still great. Kate Bozworth had no spunk and was not a good Lois Lane. Other standouts, Parker Posey playing the role of fiesty Kitty Kowalski perfectly and James Marsden as Lois's love interest. This is a fun movie to watch.


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