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Sunday, July 16, 2006

pirates of the really long movie

while most other people were enjoying a late night in aspen, colorodo, scott and i were catching a 12:00 am showing of "pirates of the carribean". as most of you that read this blog know, my favorite time to see a movie is the minute it comes out, the first screening, the one with all the crazy people dressed up as pirates. that said, there were lots of people with fake parrotts on their shoulders and lots of "yars" being said. I enjoyed pirates of the carribean for what it was, a really long movie filled with outlandish adventure scenes and ridiculously long middle. a good friend of mine pointed out that the second movie in a trilogy never really has an end (think of x men, the matrix, star wars, etc.). They have a really long beginning and an even longer middle that seems to stretch through the course of falling asleep in your seat. johhny depp was fun and orlando bloom wasn't terrible, which really surprised me, so i guess all in all this 2 and a half hour movie about pirates was entertaining. id love me a sea shanty.


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