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Thursday, August 10, 2006

world trade center

its been six years since Oliver Stone had made a good film (any given sunday), and he was long overdue (i can still taste the sickness that "Alexander" left me with). World Trade Center, though a little sappy at points, is a strong movie that carries itself through a tough story. the standouts in this one are delivered by Nicolas Cage and Michael Pena who play the two port authority police officers that the story is based on. trapped in the rubble, they keep each other alive with stories of their families and past. Another great performance was delivered by Steven Dorff who plays the officer that goes in to save them. i cant remember the last time i enjoyed anything he was in. any movie that covers this subject is going to have a tough time in the court of public opinion, but because this film is about character relationships and not historical facts, i think it will be respected.


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