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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


There is a reason why this film was released minimally in its first weekend (only 973 theaters), and its not because it stars two hip hop artists. it's because for all of its over the top dance scenes and outkast insurged funk, the story is weak and unnatractive. Though it does boast a strong cast (Terrence Howard, Ben Vereen, and Outkast), there is no real point where you feel a relationship with any of the characters, this is not to say that they werent brought to life (Big Boi was spectacular as the hustler/nightclub owner Rooster). Like on "speakerboxx" and "The Love Below", Andre and Big Boi do a good job of individually contributing to a larger picture, however there is no moment in idlewild where the bigger picture lures you in. i was expecting more from this one.


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