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Friday, November 17, 2006

bond, james bond

finally a blockbuster that lives up to its potential. its now 7:31 in the am and i am still awake becuase of this crazy movie. i went to the first screening possible, a late night 12:05 showing that didnt start till 12:30. equipped with a giant soda and a popcorn, i embarked on this daniel craig filled 007 movie and was quite impressed. all my friends were discouraging me, telling me that it didnt get the best review or the best imdb score, but it the truth is that i had a fun time watching this one. im not going to ruin anything by telling you that eva green is unbelievably hot and mr. craig makes a pretty good double o, here's a surprise: paul haggis co-wrote the screenplay for this. pretty weird, but its not bad. chris cornell sings the theme song. that's bad. anyways, go see this one before all of your friends hype it up for you, cuz it'll never live up to your expectations.


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