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Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Fountain

its 4:57 in the morning. i saw the fountain more then 10 hours ago and i cant get it out of my mind. not only is the story brilliantly complex and beautifully twisted, but the visual aspect of this movie is stunning in a way that's very tough to describe. at so many different points i found myself staring at the screen with my eyes wide open. The Fountain is a story of love, it is also a story of death, and it is also a story of hope/survival. Kudos to Hugh Jackman, who's having a huge 2006 (the prestige, scoop, x men 3, etc) as well as rachel weisz who does a superb job as Jackmans love interest. The real prize should be given to Darrin Aronofsky, who took a 6 year gap between projects, and gave birth to this great film. im happy right now.


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