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Monday, January 22, 2007

letters from pans labyrinth

i havent posted in forever and there's so much that i've seen. let's start off with Clint Eastwood's Letters from iwo jima, one of my favorites for the new year. i enjoyed flags of our fathers and i think i liked this one ever more. there's something to say for an actor like ken watanabe who's believable in every role he plays. the film also goes back and forth from b/w to color and is done so in a really cool grainy way (as is flags of our fathers). this is a good one.

Another movie i saw recently was pans labyrinth, a really creative film set in war torn spain in 1944. its about a young girl who discovers a beautiful world in the backyard of the compound she's staying in with her pregnant mother and evil stepfather. to escape from the real world she travels to the labyrinth and meets LOTR style characters who think she is the princess and the only one who can save their world. Guillarmo Del Toro did an amazing job making this more like a Harry Potter and less like a lady in the water. this is also one of my favorites of the new year.