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Monday, April 09, 2007

do you also miss siskel?

soooo much new stuff, where to start? i've seen everything but i dont have a lot of time so im just gonna give some grades:

The Lives of Others-B+-was anyone else really surprised that this won the oscar for best foriegn picture?

Blades of Glory-B+-I really enjoyed this, even though all the jokes were stock will ferrel.

Grindhouse-B+-Rodriguez's movie was soooo much better. still tarantino's was great. "i'm gonna get my dick wet" great line.

Ghost Rider-C-after this one sat atop the box office for three weeks i decided that i had to see it. the intro was so terrible that i walked out, however i did end up seeing it at a friends. not bad but not good.

300-A-if you are like me, you were waiting for this movie for a longggg time. it definitely met my expectations. good job animation+gerard butler


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