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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Seraphim Falls: the first irish western

this my friends is only half true. i would like to start by asking, what kind of a casting director would choose peirce brosnan and liam neeson to star in a civil war era western? though they look so rough and rugged, they spend the entire film covering up their irish accents. i seriously had trouble understanding them. i was looking forward to seraphim falls for so long, its so sad that it was a dissapointment, but its really not hard to understand why. david von ancken, known for his extraordinary television directing skills, was the wrong man tapped for the job. this is not the wire or daybreak, this film should have felt like "the proposition"! instead, its a long drawn out search for peirce brosnans runaway soldier character. angelica houston is on the screen for less then 5 minutes, peculiar. let me leave you with my favorite part of the movie. liam neeson and the bounty hunters come upon brosnans horse, with no man in site they relax for a minute. the next image is peirce brosnans naked body jumping out of the gutted horse. intense. i had to calm myself down. what a bummer.


Blogger Joe said...

its sad evan. you were very excited about that movie.


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