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Monday, February 05, 2007

a weak intro to the new year (doesnt this look the "RENT" poster?)

so far i have not been impressed with the films 2007 has given us. smokin aces couldnt decide if it wanted to be an ocean eleven type comedy or a pg-13 drama, very weak. jeremy piven was good, but this movie was so chopped, it must have been screened 1000 times. i still dont get the ending. was the fbi guy the mafia guy? which one was the dad? why am i still asking these questions, its not worth my time. Because i said so was typical of what diane keatons been doing for the last 10 years. sorta fun. mandy moores getting better at this role, she's played it many, many times. but she is so darn cute. I really enjoyed the queen, hellen mirren is always fantastic, she will most likely win every award this year at the oscars. what looking forward to a few things but for the most part its been quiet... coming up: 300, ghost rider, reno 911, seraphim falls.


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